Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Outsourcing the Training Function

Why Outsource Training?
by Shum YL 12 April 2007

The speed of which the internet is imposing itself on activities in this planet is nothing if not amazing. More and more activities are now done online. For example; banking, shopping, government transactions , education etc. It is of no surprise then that professional associations and institutions have started outsourcing their training activities to 3rd parties who specializes in such services.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?  Well, for one, the exercise can be quite rewarding for the association/institute as such activities will general income without the necessity of investing in manpower and facilities. For example, the The Institute of Financial Consultants outsource its training to two entities called and PASSOnline. refer to

Having qualifying training and continuous professional education schemes within the association/institution enhances the credibility of the institute and its members. This will demonstrate to the general public that the association/institute is strict in its admission standard whereby only persons who pass their training courses will be accepted. Such training can be both classroom based or distance learning/online based.

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The author is the principal consultant of DRC Services which offers management consultancy , educational services and training. Mr. Shum has many years of senior experiences in financial management and business planning. He has held positions such as director, financial controller, group finance manager and regional business planning manager for multinationals and listed companies. Mr. Shum can be contacted at

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